Speaker Store

Mason Jar Speaker (pre-built)

This speaker is pre-built and¬†ready to rock! It’s perfect for playing music at your next hangout or jam session! Plug in your music device (smartphone, iPod, etc) and the speaker automatically turns on, boasting a high volume, crystal clear sound. Or plug in your electric guitar and rock out anywhere!

DIY Speaker Kit (soldering required)

Build your own portable speaker for smartphone and electric guitar! You can use a Mason Jar, or get creative and build your own speaker enclosure. You provide the soldering iron and solder, we provide everything else! After completing 26 solder joints and some simple assembly, you’re ready to rock!

Soda Can Speakers (pre-built)

Your favorite soda can or beer can, transformed into a portable speaker for your smartphone and electric guitar! We collect real cans from local parties and cut the tops off, putting a speaker inside. As we say, “reuse it for music!”