About Mason Jar Speaker

This Mason Jar Speaker is perfect for playing music at your next hangout or jam session! Plug in your music device (smartphone, iPod, etc) and the speaker automatically turns on, boasting a high volume, crystal clear sound. Or plug in your electric guitar and rock out anywhere. No more big amp to lug around, no need to plug it into the wall.

This speaker isn’t made in China like everything else out there. You can trust the quality because it’s handcrafted in California by dudes who have an intense attention to detail. Mason jar is included, pick your cord color!

Trash Amps Mason Jar Speaker and Guitar Amplifier

Mason Jar Speaker

Starting at $45

Guitar Demo Video

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Charge the battery with the USB adapter you use to charge your smartphone. Or charge with a USB port on your computer.

Red light turns on during charging, and turns off when charging is complete. Full charge requires about 2 hours.

Battery life is about 5 hours (max volume) or 10+ hours (moderate volume). When the speaker won’t turn on anymore, it’s time to recharge!


  • Made in USA using Earth Friendly design and materials
  • Portable speaker for your smartphone, iPod, laptop, and more
  • Doubles as a practice electric guitar amp
  • Automatically turns on when music plays and off when it stops to conserve battery life
  • This is a great item for a wedding favor or gift.
  • You can fill the jar with rice or noodles or jam to disguise the electronics!
  • 2.4W amplifier with 2 inch full range driver
  • 3.5mm Cord included, so you’re ready to rock, straight out the box

Warranty & Return Policy

Extended Two Year Warranty

All of our products come with a standard 60 Day Warranty and Return Policy. We will fix, replace, or refund your order within 60 days of purchase if it breaks or if it doesn’t suit your needs. We want all of our customers to be happy!

Extend the standard 60 Day Warranty up to 2 years when you register online (instructions provided after purchase). The Extended 2 Year Warranty means we’re happy to fix or replace faulty speakers, cords, battery packs which break during everyday use for up to 2 years after purchase. We also help troubleshoot problems during Speaker Kit assembly.

Our Extended 2 Year Warranty is an effort to help the planet. We commit to  fixing our products so they don’t end up in the landfill.

Trash Amps Mason Jar Speaker and Guitar Amplifier

Mason Jar Speaker

Starting at $45