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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Destination Estimated Cost Estimated Delivery Time Mail Service
USA (West Coast) $5 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail
USA (East Coast) $10 3-4 days USPS Priority Mail
International $16 USD
11 Euro
1-2 weeks USPS First Class International

How loud are these speakers?

Our speakers play music at volumes that will fill a large apartment or your bedroom. They are great for outdoor use, like backyard BBQs and beach days. People are always surprised at how loud our speakers are!

How do you turn the speaker on?

Trash Amps are SMART: they automatically turn on when music plays, and fall asleep after 30 seconds of silence. Alternatively, if you unplug the Trash Amp from your device, it automatically turns off. This really prolongs your battery life – you can’t forget to turn this speaker off and waste the batteries.

How do you control the volume of the speaker?

The volume of the speaker is controlled by the device you plug in – turn it up on your iPod or guitar, and the speaker gets louder. Using input impedance sensing, aka “magic,” the Trash Amp automatically boosts the gain for face melting guitar solos!

Will the Trash Amp work with my device?

A simple rule of thumb is “if you can plug in headphones, you can plug in a Trash Amp!” Devices commonly used are smart phones, iPod, iPad, tablets, mp3 players, laptops, portable DVD players, and the list goes on. And don’t forget about musical instruments, like electric guitars!

How do I use the Trash Amp with my guitar or other musical instrument?

Trash Amp is a legit guitar amplifier! We’ve seen Trash Amps used with electric guitars, electric ukuleles and keyboards. Use a ¼” adapter to plug into any standard instrument output. Don’t forget to request a Free Guitar Adapter.

Does the speaker include the cord?

Yes, each speaker includes one 3.5mm cord that can plug into any device with a headphone port.

Can I connect multiple Trash Amps together for stereo sound or louder volumes?

Select speakers have both INPUT and OUTPUT, so you can connect Trash Amps together for bigger sound! Just plug the first unit into your device, and plug subsequent Trash Amps into the previous unit’s auxiliary jack. This lets you get even louder volumes for both MP3 and electric guitar use!

Can I get stereo sound out of my Trash Amps?

True stereo sound can be achieved using a stereo splitter between the audio source and the two Trash Amps. You can pick one up at your local electronics store. In normal operation, Trash Amps internally mix the left and right audio signals together for a full-bodied sound experience.

Is there a danger that I might blow out the speaker?

No, it’s impossible to blow out the speaker! Our 2.4W amplfiier cannot overpower the 2″ full range driver because the speaker is capable of handling up to 5W RMS. So turn it up all you want!

What effect does the jar or can have on the sound?

Without the can or jar around the speaker, the speaker loses its great sound, especially the bass. The can / jar creates a sealed speaker cavity for full range audio.

Where are Trash Amps made?

We design and build our speakers in Santa Clara, California with an intense attention to detail, so you end up with a great product!

Do you have a patent?

In September 2010, we filed a utility patent application for the Trash Amps Speaker. In January 2013, this patent was officially granted. Now we’ve got some protection! Look for “Patent Pending” or Patent No. on the product when you get it!

Can I purchase Trash Amps in bulk for my store?

Yes, please visit our Wholesale page.

Can I brand Trash Amps with my school or company logo?

Yes, please drop us a line with more details about your project: [email protected]

Can the speakers use rechargeable batteries?

Our speakers do not have a rechargeable battery built in, so many customers purchase their own rechargeable batteries and charger from their local electronics store. We plan to offer speakers including rechargeable batteries in the near future.

Have you considering using solar panels?

Great idea! We are currently researching solar panels for our speakers and hope to offer this option in the future.

Do Trash Amps support Bluetooth?

All of our speakers currently use a cord. In the future, we hope to release a Bluetooth Trash Amp Speaker, so stay tuned!

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