About Us


With the combined strength
of product design (Adam) and Electronics (Ron),
an amazing product was born.

The Start

In college, our friend got an Altoids guitar amp kit online. It was a cool idea, but it didn’t sound great because it’s such a small enclosure.  The same electronics worked great in a soda can. Then came the realization: you can put music in anything – Trash Amps was born.  After showing a few prototypes to friends, we knew there was a market for a product like this.  Adam graduated in 2009 (Manufacturing Engineering) and joined forces with Ron (Electrical Engineer) to get Trash Amps going.

First Steps

After a small run of Gen 0, which utilized PVC pipe and off the shelf parts, we wanted to up the level of quality.  We raised money from family and friends for an injection mold – we wish we would have known about Indiegogo then!  We built 500 Gen 1 Trash Amps, which quickly sold through our website and booth at the local mall for $50 each. So, we made 1000 more.  We’re talking 1,500 units made by hand on the dining room table.  In Sept 2012, we sold the last Trash Amp Gen 1!

Engineering Chops

We’ve worked on projects such as towel warmers and LED disc golf discs. We are skilled in woodworking, injection molding, CNC machining, solid modeling, rapid prototyping, electronic design and assembly, and the list goes on. We do a lot of consulting for local inventors with new product ideas, helping turn their ideas into working prototypes. Our current side project is a medical device for paramedics to use in the field. Got a project for us? Drop us a line!

Adam has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, CA. Ron has a BS in General Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering also from Cal Poly. Having worked on many projects together, workflow is efficient. Adam typically does the product design, packaging design, and SolidWorks 3D Modeling. Ron specializes in electronics, circuit design, and prototype PCB creation.

Adam completed all of the product design for Gen 2. This includes SolidWorks 3D modeling, prototyping, testing, and technical drawings – everything the manufacturer needs to make the product. Adam also completed the same items for the packaging.

Ron has completed all of the electronics design. This includes circuit design, schematic creation, circuit testing and optimization using software, component library creation, board layout, prototype creation, testing and optimization of real prototypes, and creation of manufacturing documents including pick and place data, board panelization, etc. For you tech people, Ron is a very skilled PCB prototype maker, as he can put down parts as small as 0402 in the garage.





Prefers Nectarines to Peaches
Often Skips Breakfast
Most Productive between 10pm - 2am
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Prefers Peaches to Nectarines
Makes Perfect Coffee with His AeroPress
Has only been on an Airplane 4 Times
Specializes in Microcontroller Projects
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